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Low Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing is a fast and accurate way of producing a small number of completed products by manufacturing only as many units as are needed. It is frequently one of the solutions that we recommend when refining the design of existing medical products. Such is the precision that we can achieve from NC Milling and other programs allowing us to machine a part directly from a 3D CAD file.


When it comes to building prototypes we can assemble a working prototype without the need for expensive tooling by using methods such as SLS (Selective laser sintering) and FDM (fused deposition modeling). Being able to produce a working prototype, as a one off product, can ultimately save time and costs since the product can undergo thorough testing.

Bespoke medical products

In the medical sector we have found low volume engineering highly beneficial since we can design a one off unit which can be used as part of the clinical trial and tested, before further investment in additional units. Additionally, we are able to produce finished parts and build to order. For example following our value engineering of the ScanTrainer, a medical ultrasound trainer, we now produce finished products as needed