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A prototype capable producing Plasma to clean and heal wounds.

Plasma Generator

The Challenge

To produce a prototype of a hand held Plasma generator to be able to demonstrate potential benefits of using Plasma

The Solution

The product design team at GX had already been experimenting with the use of Plasma for medical uses when their client asked them to develop a one off demonstrator. The prototype needed to be hand held and capable of generating Plasma. In order to produce the Plasma the client provided the team with a small gas cylinder, leaving the design engineers to develop the electrode design and configure the nib to create a plume of Plasma.

The Result

As Plasma affects plastics the team at GX decided to experiment with Quartz to see if they could develop a nozzle and tube where the Plasma could be generated. Their speculation paid off, plus they were able to devise a way of incorporating a high voltage generator into the handheld device to provide the required power.

Whilst the project has not gone into production this project was an important extension highlighting the versatility of Plasma to clean wounds, cure fungal infections and kill bacteria.

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