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Your Journey

Have an idea for a product but don’t know what to do next?

If you’re an individual, inventor or entrepreneur with a new product idea we can help you turn it into a commercial reality.

When you don’t have the support of an internal R&D team, or the budget of an existing company, knowing how to develop your idea into a commercial product and secure the funding, protection and distribution to take it to market can be difficult.

We’re here to help you assess the feasibility of your idea and take it as far as possible.

Working with GX gives you access to experienced product designers who will help you develop your idea, test whether it’s feasible, select the best materials, resolve technical issues and assess future manufacturing methods. 

This process will help you get the buy in you need from investors and manufacturers to take your product to market. 


“GX produced a sample that was very close to the finished product. In terms of the finish, the look and feel, even down to the graphics, it felt like it was a product ready to be saleable rather than a prototype.” 

Rhys Waite, Medilight

Timelines Like your idea, each product design is individual. Depending on the type, size and complexity of your product it will take a different amount of time to develop. We can quickly assess your brief and produce a proposal.  

Cost and funding Your initial consultation is free. If you’d like us to develop a proposal and move forward with your idea we’ll produce a quote for you. We can also help you assess the overall costs of developing your product and how you can fund your idea. 

IP and protecting your idea Working with us, you will keep 100% of the rights to your idea. We’ll share our free NDA to make sure your idea is protected before you share any information with us. We can also help you with when to think about Intellectual Property (IP) protection and companies that can provide this. 

Feasibility No one wants to end up with drawings for a product that can’t be manufactured, or a fully developed product that no one wants to buy. Knowing who you want to sell to, at what cost and what the demand is for your product will save you time and money in the long run.

Prototyping A working prototype or demonstrator can help you to secure funding to develop and manufacture your idea. We can develop prototypes with design and manufacturing in mind to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your product idea.

If you have a brilliant idea and need a design partner to turn it into commercial reality, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can call, email or use the form to get in touch. 


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