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Product Design


GX has a rich heritage in mechanical design engineering, developing functional products destined for use in industry. 

Our work for the industrial sector includes mechanical designs for a hydrogen generator alongside pioneering work to heat seal microtiter plates.

We have worked with a wide variety of industrial businesses, including fuel and energy, heavy industry, car manufacturers and the brewery industry.


We are fortunate to have several mechanical design engineers amongst our design engineering team, in addition to software engineers and programmers, as well as electronic engineers.

By adopting this collaborative approach, combined with our experience learnt through working in other sectors, we can bring a unique perspective to an industry design project. 

Bespoke software

Our multidiscipline approach has helped to develop complex control systems at major manufacturing plants in the UK, including the aviation engineering workshop for a large commercial airline.To ensure each project’s success, our electrical engineers worked with the software and systems design and engineering team, to incorporate software and control panels into the final designs. Our software engineers are equally able to include database applications and implement SCADA’s and PLC’s into new systems, which can be adapted or integrated into existing structures. 


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Our projects for the industrial sector includes designed products for the brewing industry, programming efficient robotic automated systems, developing rugged fire alarms and industrial printers. All the industrial products designed by our product development team incorporate both function and form to enhance the user experience and ensure commercial success.