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All you need – from a tight knit team

We have the skills, creativity, experience and problem solving intelligence to deliver product design solutions that are innovative, commercial, practical and successful.

Innovative Product Design 

We have been designing innovative products for thirty years, working in partnership with companies to deliver practical products for a range of sectors. Our skills and creativity have helped develop products for medical and life sciences clients, as well as developing cost saving solutions for automotive companies as well as individual clients who just want a one off product designed.

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“GX Group have always delivered what is asked of them and continually improve the products that are available for our needs”

Scottish Water

Design optimisation & cost reduction 

Value engineering is about optimising the design to create the best possible design for the lowest possible cost.

Drawing upon our 30 years of experience we will look at how to refine the product design to create the greatest possible value into the product. We will review all aspects from the functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, ease of use, to sustainability and look at where and how we can trim costs. Through our manufacturing experience we know that by reviewing and refining the choice of materials and number of parts,  we can find a more cost-effective way of producing a products.

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PLC, SCADA and software development for automation & process control systems

At GX we are highly skilled in building systems with a purpose and function. We are specialists in implementing SCADA’S and PLC’s which can be built around your existing structures and designed to improve productivity. Our experience includes creating automated retrieval systems, building test rigs and controlling water flow through to introducing hand held systems using GPRS to monitor workflow and productivity. We can even help you track valuable assets from people to vehicles using our web based tracking devices which interface with GPS and GPRS technology and RFID tags. 

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