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Product Design


working in partnership with the medical and pharmaceutical industy 

Medical device design requires a combination of skills to convert an idea or concept into a product and develop this through to a final prototype. At GX, we have a multi-disciplinary design engineering team, with a range of skills who can seamlessly design and develop a product for the medical and scientific sector.

Inhouse skills

For the past 30 years our design engineering team has harnessed scientific processes within practical designs to develop ground breaking medical and life science products. Our practical approach to medical product design, draws on our experience gained from the many sectors we work with, allowing us to develop a concept through to a final prototype, quickly and efficiently, on time and within budget.

We are fortunate to have access to a range of skills within our design team from industrial design, electronics, software to mechanical and prototyping. We even have specialist knowledge and experience of using microfluidics, optronics and RFID design within medical product designs. Having these skills in house ensures we control all aspects of the product development.

Prototype development

At GX we understand the challenge of trying to turn a brilliant idea into a commercial reality. We work with many clients at the developmental stages of medical product design, helping them solve complex problems. To ensure a product can be commercially viable we will invest time and energy into developing a working prototype, a vital step to show that the product has been ‘designed for manufacture’ and even used to secure additional funding.


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Our Work

Through modern technological advances medical device design is now quicker than ever. We are able to machine parts directly to fit the final product, which has been invaluable for the value engineering work that we have undertaken in the medical sector.