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Fast and accurate readings of urine analysis and immuno diagnostic cartridges at an affordable cost.

Bayer Clinitek Status

The Challenge

To use biotechnology to provide a solution to address the problems of inaccuracies in visual reading of urine analysis and immuno diagnostic cartridges, and maintaining accurate patient records.

The Solution

Following an extensive feasibility study conducted by the design engineers at GX, the concepts for a urine strip reader, the Clinitek Status, were developed. The electronic engineers at GX incorporated a novel arrangement of multiple wavelength LEDs combined with plastic lenses, light guides and a CCD array. These provide elements of spectrometry and reflectometry, which make this instrument capable of giving fast and accurate readings at a vastly reduced cost.

The Result

The result The Clinitek Status has set the industry standard and is currently on sale in over 100 countries.


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