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Our understanding of implementing remote access control systems will help improve productivity and give you greater access to information

Custom built systems to deal with demanding processes

We are specialists in implementing SCADAs and PLCs into systems to improve productivity. Our control systems are built with a purpose and function, designed to integrate into your existing structures. We have extensive experience in creating automated retrieval systems, building test rigs and controlling water flow through to introducing hand held systems using GPRS to monitor workflow and productivity. Our control systems can even be adapted to help you track valuable assets from people to vehicles using our web based tracking devices which interface with GPS and GPRS technology and RFID tags. 

Good systems engineering will help reduce costs

At GX our control system development focuses on customer need; we will work alongside you to determine what functionality the system needs early in the development cycle. We firmly believe that good systems engineering can help keep overall running costs down. We have a unique understanding how different components integrate and need to interact to produce a cost effective solution to a wide variety of applications. Once installed we can provide ongoing software support.


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All you need – from a tight knit team

Developing a bespoke system to seamlessly integrate into existing structures requires great skill. At GX we have systems analysts and technologists with the following expertise: