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About GX

a leading innovative and dedicated product design engineering company with 30 years experience in designing functional products for a range of sectors

Engineering specialists across all disciplines

We are proud of our reputation for finding practical ways to develop or improve products. Part of our success is largely due to harnessing everyone's effort from many different disciplines. Gary Ross, our Design Director leads a team which includes both design and mechanical engineers working alongside experts in electronics, optronics and even software design. This allows us to complete projects from start to finish under one roof.

We employ a high level of client service and a ferocious attention to detail. Our passion for what we do is very evident and our clients enjoy our problem solving approach to designing functional products for a range of sectors including the medical and scientific, life sciences, automotive, as well as consumer products. At the heart of everything we do is fresh thinking combined with cutting edge technology and technical excellence. 

Product design & development facilities

Our offices, established in 1987, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons provide a rural idyllic setting housing a modern, innovative workplace.

Not only do we have space to develop creative designs for products, but we also have workshop facilities for prototype development allowing us to build protoypes, mock-ups and models. Equipment includes a rapid prototype machine, so we can generate parts from CAD files in a matter of hours. Also on-site is our low volume production facility which enables us to build small quantities of finished units.

Working in conjunction 

At GX we are equally happy to work with sole entrepreneurs to help them develop their idea into a viable product, as well as collaborating with the R&D departments of companies.  

We always approach adopt a multidiscipline approach to each new product development, drawing on our vast experience from one sector to help solve a problem in another.  We thrive on a challenge and enjoy incorporating new technologies and materials to bring a product to life.  At the heart of everything we do is collaboration since we believe in working in partnership with our clients; right from the start of the initial feasability meeting through to the final prototyping and testing phases, into manufacturing and product launch.


Our design process involves a high degree of creativity and we take a very systematic and rigorous approach. During our initial briefing we will decide what skills and disciplines are needed to turn your idea into a commercial product. Following this we will prepare a full proposal, breaking the project into stages, with estimated costs for each section. Once you are happy with our design proposal we will assign a product realisation team led by one main point of contact to start designing your product.

All our product designs incorporate bold design language aimed to resonate with the target audience alongside functionality. We spend a great deal of our time investigating how a product will function so that through clever design and engineering excellence we can design a product for production. 


Our design solutions are not only innovative and creative but relevant too. By considering the function and form in conjunction with production, our product realisation team will bring your idea to life. We incorporate both bold designs that resonate with the target audience to functionality designed to help improve people's lives. For those new to product design we guide you every step of the way, paying particular attention to any approval processes your product must meet.     

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At GX alongside our design engineering team we also have a team of highly skilled software engineers capable of creating bespoke software for industrial control systems including automated retrieval and vehicle tracking. Our control systems can be developed to track valuable assets from people to vehicles using our web based tracking devices which interface with GPS and GPRS technology and RFID tags. 

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Our talented team of design and mechanical engineers are adept at finding practical ways to improve product performance and ultimately reduce manufacturing costs. If a product begins to lose sales and market share, we will help refine the design through value engineering. By using new technological advances in manufacturing and choice of materials we will improve the functionality without compromising on aesthetics. 

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Through our sister company we can manage waste water and clean water efficiently and effectively using our own unique products. We offer a bespoke, online management system that provides an end to end solution to monitor water, including sewage, using onboard tanker logging. The system captures real time information about a tanker’s collection and discharge, and can even offer feedback on the density of the sludge. 

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“Medaphor are delighted with the value engineering and new manufacturing process solution instigated by GX, which enables us to supply robust and cost effective probes and constraints for our TV ScanTrainers simulators. This process enables us to produce ultrasound training systems without any tooli”

Stuart Gall - CEO Medaphor