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Product design


GX’s expertise has helped developed several devices used by both domestic and industrial engineers 

Powering the nation be it by gas, electricity or water is a feat of modern engineering. Securing and maintaining the infrastructure that connects utility companies to the vital supplies is an ongoing problem. During our thirty years, our product design engineers' expertise has helped in both early detection and maintainance.


At GX we are fortunate to have a team of design engineers with specialist knowledge of electronics, optronics and software. We appreciate that many of the devices clients ask us to design must perform in some of the harshest conditions and for considerable periods of time. When we approach a project we will always consider the environmental challenges the device may be subjected to be it heat, water or even frequent use.


By working with clients from a variety of backgrounds, we can draw on our experience and knowledge gained in one sector to solve the problem for a client in a completely different sector. It is this combined thinking that enabled us to design a small hand vibration dosage meter for British Gas, with a long battery life, capable of monitoring how much vibration machinery was emitting to prevent operatives suffering from vibration white finger.

Our practical understanding and experience was invaluable in the design of a small device which could be attached to the exterior of an underground water pipe. We developed a motorised scanner to provide valuable feedback such as reporting if a connection had been missed.

GX Enviromental

Our knowledge of developing functional products for the utility sector led us to developing our own waste water monitoring and logging product, then subsequently offering a complete design and implementation solution for waste water management through GX Environmental. For further information on tailor making a system to manage your waste or clean water efficiently visit

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