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GPRS technology helps keep track of gas engineers.

Falkirk Council

The Challenge

Replace a manual, paper based gas maintenance system through empowering Falkirk Council with Mobile Workflow solutions to improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The Solution

GX collaboratively worked with Falkirk Council to create a website providing operational management tools and a mobile application for gas field engineers. The new website interfaces with existing Falkirk Council systems to obtain gas servicing and maintenance jobs before they are sent to handheld devices via GPRS. Engineers can remotely access job lists and instructions, capture signatures and photographs, accurately record gas readings and materials used. Data is automatically updated to the website and attached systems, generating automatic gas reports and facilitating live feedback and job progress for effective management.

The Result

Streamlined maintenance system with minimal paperwork and better utilised engineers, with direct benefits to reducing costs and improving service levels. Data collection errors are eliminated through automatic data uploads via a flexible range of mobile handsets and time stamps enable effective monitoring of performance levels and in the field failures.

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