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The Product Design Process

Our proven approach to product design harnesses everyone’s efforts in the most efficient way possible

Although the design process involves a high degree of creativity we take a very systematic and rigorous approach.

After the initial briefing we prepare a full proposal, breaking the project into stages, with an estimated cost for each one. Once each stage is completed it is signed off before we progress to the next one – this keeps the client fully informed of progress and in control of the budget. 

We’ve worked on so many different types of project, and have people who are experienced in all aspects of a job, so we’ll have a very good idea of likely costs right from the start.

Proposal & Feasibility

We establish your product and commercial needs and present a detailed proposal with full project break-down and transparent costs, identifying the technical challenges, potential for generating Intellectual Property, manufacturing options and successful routes to market.


We review the commercial context and analyse the competition for functionality, aesthetics and positioning. Our team of designers and engineers explore the product experience, function and form with styling concepts, user interface prototypes, mechanical and ergonomic models to fulfil the product brief.


We design for manufacture, producing 3D CAD designs and drawings. Using our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes we identify the most viable option to produce a competitively priced product, taking into consideration the chosen material assembly times, through to the costs of compliant disposal.


Building tangible prototypes and theoretical models enable the team to analyse design, performance and functional specifications. Quick ergonomic mock-ups and photorealistic visualisations enable us to economically test and evaluate the developed designs. Refinements are made with user feedback informing the design prior to production.


After taking over 200 products to market we know how to ensure products succeed compliance testing. We work with approved test houses and subject our designs to rigorous and regulatory safety and EMC tests, assessing against the required product standards.


As your product moves to the final stage - production, we ensure your product meets any final compliance and regulatory approvals tests before commencing manufacturing. We work with a network of manufacturing suppliers here in the UK and also have a team based in China, providing hands-on production and tooling management.

“GX was chosen because we liked the people we met and they had all the different skills needed for this project were under one roof.” 

David, Managing Director

Product Refinement

Finding practical ways to improve product performance and reduce manufacturing costs

Some clients, instead of briefing us to design entirely new products, ask us to improve existing ones. Generally this happens when competitors start to catch up and a product begins to lose sales and market share. From the client’s point of view it is less risky to enhance or refresh an existing product than it is to design an entirely new one.

Use our design experience to improve your product

We use our wealth of manufacturing experience and engineering intelligence to determine how costs can be stripped out and where functionality, performance or aesthetics can be improved. We identify aspects that may be over engineered, look at reducing the part count, see where we can utilise less expensive materials and explore ways to simplify the manufacturing process.

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