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Rapid point-of-care UTI tester, a portable, quick and accurate method of diagnosing pathogens.

Covid Reader

The Challenge

Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in people and pets can be a time consuming and costly process. It can involve sending multiple samples away to laboratories to find the type of infection so that the correct antibiotic can be prescribed. UTI diagnostic equipment can also be large and expensive to purchase.

The Solution

Developed in partnership with the University of South Wales and Llusern Scientific, the Rapid Point-of-Care UTI tester was created to be fully portable, providing doctors' surgeries, hospitals and veterinary practices with access to fast and accurate onsite UTI testing.

Six different samples can be tested at the same time or multiple different pathogens can be checked for in a single test. With the accompanying app, the result data is easily accessible and can be quickly viewed and exported for analysis.

Whereas existing diagnostic equipment can cost upwards of £25,000, this is available at a fraction of this cost.

During the pandemic, GX recognised that this technology could also be adapted for Covid-19 testing and therefore development was accelerated. It proved to be highly accurate and received Covid testing validation.

The Result

When checking for UTIs medical staff can now take the sample, run the test and within 30 mins they can diagnose the infection to issue the most suitable prescription. Speeding up the process from previously taking several days, down to a single visit. Providing patients with a fast diagnosis also reduces the risk of the infection worsening.

This product has also secured a major investment on the back of the success achieved to date.


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