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Revolutionary blood/air mass exchanger using polymer technology.

Artificial Lung - Blood/Air Mass Exchanger Device

The Challenge

To design for manufacture an artificial lung to assist individuals with severe respiratory problems, by utilising a more efficient method of sealing gas permeable fibres within the device. The external device is to be available for medium scale manufacture for the worldwide market.

The Solution

GX created a revolutionary process not seen in any other blood/air mass exchanger to seal the gas permeable fibres used in the device. The traditional method of cutting and potting the 0.2mm diameter fibres was not efficient. The product development team used polymer technology rather than adhesives or potting compounds, which enabled the fibre mats to be assembled into a curved stack to follow the form of the human body; no other mass exchanger does this. At the same time, the design gives enhanced efficiency in the transfer of oxygen from air to blood.

The Result

The new external device is easily reversible and well suited for treating emergency and acute cases, where it might only be needed for a matter of hours or weeks.

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