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A compact working demonstrator to show how surgical smoke can be dispersed.

Alesi – Ultravision

The Challenge

Dispersing surgical smoke that builds up during laparoscopic surgery is both unpleasant for the surgical team and also has long-term health implications for those present in the room due to the potential risk of exposure to the smoke.  In order to combat this Alesi Surgical had already developed the Ultravision system which uses electrostatic precipitation to overcome these issues.

However, they struggled to convince prospective purchasers of the effectiveness of the device so turned to GX to design and manufacture a number of compact but highly effective demonstrators. One of the major challenges was to develop a demonstrator that could be transported as hand luggage on aircraft by the sales team.

The Solution

Building upon GX’s vast knowledge of developing medical products, the design team developed a compact and cost effective demonstrator with a clear plastic dome. The dome collected smoke which could be clearly seen building up, only to be dispersed when Ultravison was activated. To make the demonstrator more user friendly and capable of multi demonstrations it housed a reusable internal smoke generator alongside LED illumination, plus could connect directly to the Ultravison device.

The Result

The demonstrator has been successfully taken around the world by sales teams who have demonstrated its capabilities at presentation at exhibitions.  The concept has been widely acclaimed securing the company additional funding from IP Group and Finance Wales.

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