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World's first solar powered indoor use iBeacon.

GCell G100 & G200 iBeacons

The Challenge

GCell are leading developers and manufactures  of ultra-thin and flexible solar panels. Recognising the demand for advertising IBeacons that were not limited by battery power, GCell commenced the design of  the world’s first solar powered beacon for indoor use. GX was tasked  to use the concepts designs produced by Gcell and generate production designs for both a solar and a battery powered iBeacon. The main challenges were meeting the environmental demands combined with very tight packaging around the internal components.

The Solution

GX utilised polycarbonate outer injection mouldings in conjunction with a novel sealing bumper part made from TPE to produce watertight, robust and visually attractive products at minimal cost. To enable light to enter the solar powered version yet keeping the product watertight, GX devised a clear rectangular moulding which is insert moulded into the front of the enclosure. GX also designed a simple bracket and mounting system whereby the beacons may be securely clipped to walls or ceilings but can easily be detached for maintenance.

The Result

Production of G100 and G200  iBeacons at the Welsh HQ of GCell began in late 2016.

The G100 indoor solar powered iBeacon uses a renewable energy source to enable broadcasting at the Apple iBeacon standard of 100-milliseconds advertising rate for the life of the product. Broadcasting by default at the 100-millisecond advertising rate allows application developers to target users and navigate indoors more accurately. The G300 Universal Beacon works in the same way as the G100 Indoor Solar Beacon and is intended for large-scale deployment indoors and out. The introduction of the G100 and G300 iBeacons has enabled GCell to partner with proximity platform providers and location service providers to offer advertising solutions in enterprise, retail, sports and leisure applications.

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