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A market leading live yeast cell analyser for use in industrial brewing.

Aber Instruments Compact Lab Yeast Analyser

The Challenge

To design a highly accurate, online, fast live yeast cell analyser for use by global breweries and lab staff, to help brewers achieve greater production consistency and significant cost efficiencies. 

The Solution

The product development team at GX worked collaboratively to create a showcase instrument. The GX team designed, tested and manufactured the CLYA using Aber Instruments technology of four ‘flush’ electrodes, in the stirred sample chamber, to apply an accurate radio-frequency field to measure the capacitance in live yeast cells.

The software engineers at GX ensure that the HMI PLC user interface provided full user-centric functionality, combining significant ease of use to eliminate time consuming manual operations.

Multiple high quality industrial design concepts resulted in a stylish unit, designed to sit well within the client’s product portfolio and brand identity. The team at GX ensured that both functionality and budget were evaluated throughout the project, introducing commercially off the shelf components, alongside low volume design manufacturing solutions to achieve the product's specification.

The Result

This market-leading product is still recognised as the most accurate and reliable instrument on the market for measuring live cell concentration of samples offline. It achieves significant production cost and footprint efficiencies, and sales volumes are successively in line with our brief, with future batch productions planned.

To see more information about the Aber Instruments Compact Lab Yeast Analyser download the case study.



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