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Automating the car production line using robotic arms.


The Challenge

Automate the production line at BMW’s Swindon based plant to manufacture body panels for the newly designed MINI.

The Solution

Sheet metal MINI body panels are made on a press line consisting of four mechanical presses and one hydraulic press. GX automated these previously manually operated presses through a new control system, enabling each press to operate independently. GX installed loading and unloading robotic arms to transport parts to and from presses, reducing the need for any human intervention.

Human Machine Interfaces were incorporated into each press, allowing for manual operation and engineering parameter adjustment, with hand-held controllers used in conjunction to program loading and unloading paths within the plant. A SCADA system was developed by GX for use as a recipe repository, enabling operators to select the relevant recipe for a press to make a particular part.

The Result

Operational efficiency and productivity maximised from reducing manpower requirements and manufacture time for BMW MINI body panels.

This is achieved from a fully automated production line, with faster changeover of presses and full recipe management whilst improving Health and Safely Legislation conformance throughout the plant.

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