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A modular enclosure system developed for an industrial coating machine.

Teer Coatings PlasMag CF-800

The Challenge

Teer Coatings (part of the Miba group) asked the design engineering team at GX to create a modular enclosure system for their Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) machines, that would be user friendly, cleaner and more technically advanced. These large, bulky machines use a vaporisation process to coat materials used for decorative coating, tool coating and other equipment coating applications.

The Solution

To give the casing a more modern look the product development team at GX designed this industrial machine in brushed stainless steel panels and painted steel components. Whilst to ensure users could see products during the PVD process, modular clear panels were added to cover a light based visual display, which would illuminate when the machine was in operation, simulating the “glow “created by the PVD process.

As added benefit, the design team at GX also ensured that all the components of their design would suit the different sizes of machine. 

The Result

Following the launch of the PlasMag CF-800 in February 2014, Teer Coatings has received positive feedback on the excellent engineering, which has firmly established MIBA as one of the leading brands in the PVD market.

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