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Value engineering remodelled this power distribution unit for use within a broadcasting rack room.


The Challenge

Our client, TSL Products wanted to produce a power distribution unit for use within a broadcasting rack room able to incorporate forty individually fused C13 outlets. Whilst TSL are UK based, they compete in an extremely crowded worldwide market place. They needed their product to stand out from the competition in terms of performance, but most importantly, it had to offer a competitively priced unit which delivered the maximum value for money.

The Solution

Essentially the project started as a review of an existing product, since the product design team at GX was initially tasked with seeking ways to value engineer the vertical power unit. However, on closer inspection GX’s recommendation was to develop an entirely new product, designed from the ground up.  This allowed the electronic engineers at GX to work alongside the in-house design engineers at TSL thereby ensuring both the design and functionality could be vastly improved. 

The new design remained vertical, but it was reduced in height to 1800m. Each of the C13 outlets were individually fused, incorporating their own status LED to radiate a different colour to identify the status of that socket. The redesign also gave the product development team the opportunity to expand the range of units by incorporating colour to delineate the different configurations available. This also allowed a new option to be built providing third parties with the opportunity to brand the power distribution unit as their own.

The Result

The redesign of the power distribution bar meant that the GX product design team could substantially reduce the manufacturing costs; they incorporated a new way of building the bar which required no soldering.  The new design most importantly allowed the electronic engineers to integrate the electronic components with enough clearance between each element to comply to CE marks. A further benefit of the redesign meant that GX was able to develop comprehensive manufacturing documentation for future use. This will ultimately allow TSL to take production out to a factory in China, where they can take advantage of lower production costs. The first 50 units are due to be built here in the UK so that they all conform to strict IEC standards.

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