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A bespoke unit designed to heat and seal microtitre plates to prevent contamination.

Porvair Triseal Plate Sealer

The Challenge

GX’s expertise in value engineering and wide skill base enabled Porvair Sciences to develop a novel product to heat seal microtiter plates. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of these products, Porvair Science identified a gap in the market and enlisted GX’s expertise to develop a compact and fast automatic heat sealer for use in laboratories to protect and store precious samples from contamination and evaporation prior to them undergoing PCR.

The Solution

The design team at GX included specialists with knowledge in electronics, industrial design and software design. To enable the rate of throughput demanded by busy laboratories in an extremely compact machine, GX devised a turntable system that enabled continuous loading, sealing and dispatch of sealed plates. Prototypes were built and tested in house prior to production units being built. 

The Result

A number of production machines were built and tested in laboratories. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach to the development design, GX covered all aspects of the design, thereby developing a fully integrated production unit in a short timeframe. Since several inventive steps were generated by GX for inclusion in the product a number of patents were granted.

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