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A compact Heads-Up Display system demonstrator for the automotive industry.

Visteon HUD

The Challenge

GX's expertise was called upon by Visteon, a global supplier of innovative automotive products, to collaborate on a project to produce a Head-Up Display demonstrator.

In aviation a Head-Up Display system projects vital information into the pilot’s view.  Similar systems have already been adopted by a few high-end car manufacturers but are limited to mid-market cars. Visteon wanted to showcase the technology as an optional-extra on higher specification cars destined for the mass market; removing the need for the driver to look down and refocus on a conventional instrument cluster can provide a significant improvement in safety.

The Solution

The design team at GX engineered a showcase solution to the design concept provided by Visteon. The Head -Up Display included a motorised combiner screen which can be deployed in front of the driver when required.

The display can be configured to monitor data from the existing in-car computers, and combine any required parameters such as speed, turn indicators and system warning telltales, into a single graphical image. A high-intensity illumination unit is utllised to allow the graphical image to be projected onto the combiner screen. 

The Result

The unit was so compact and well received that the GX team created several working demonstrators of the new Head-Up Display for Visteon to demonstrate this exciting solution to potential customers worldwide.

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