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A range of products to greatly increase the efficiency of library systems.

Intellident RFID Library Scanners

The Challenge

Many libraries failed to keep up with current technology, still using antiquated paper-based systems for recording loans and returns. Intellident set out to provide a modern solution and enlisted help from the design engineering team at GX.

The Solution

GX developed a range of products to increase greatly the efficiency of library systems, as well as to support 24 hour return services, fine allocation, theft prevention and logging of materials. The products make use of RFID technology to allow information to be exchanged passively.

This allows librarians to log entire collections of books in minutes by sweeping past them with hand-held scanners. It also introduced detectors to prevent unauthorised removal of books and external return chutes that automatically update library records when books are returned outside normal hours.

The Result

Efficiency has increased tenfold and the systems are now installed in many major libraries including the Barbican.

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