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A floating filter to detect impurities in fuel tanks.

Fuel Active Floating Fuel Filter

The Challenge

Fuel Active asked GX to find a solution to the problem of the long-term build up of impurities at the bottom of fuel tanks. If left untreated, this can lead to costly engine failure.

The Solution

Working with Fuel Active on an initial concept, GX developed the floating fuel filter. This works by pulling clean liquid from the surface of a fuel reservoir, instead of the current method of drawing it from the base of the reservoir.

One of the major engineering problems solved by GX during this project was the design of the weld bead to ensure watertight sealed floats.

The Result

As Fuel Active’s launch product, the success of the floating filter has been unprecedented. It’s used worldwide in JCBs, portable generators, and heavy plant vehicles. Since this initial product was launched, GX and Fuel Active have together developed a further four products.

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