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A compact and safe weight loss machine designed with consumer in mind.

Innovate Photonics My Lipo

The Challenge

The design engineering team at GX had previously worked on other weight loss products for Innovate Photonics, so were the perfect partner to help them produce a new low cost consumer machine designed to simulate a process called lipolysis. The machine needed to be compact yet safe for home use, capable of withstanding repeated use with the added ability to change the extremely thin protective covers with ease.

The Solution

Drawing on both parties knowledge an initial concept was designed to overcome the key challenges, before moving to production. The machine needed to use ‘photobiomodulation’ to encourage the brain to send signals to the adipose cells to break down stored fat into the bloodstream. When the user combines this process with exercise they experience weight loss around the areas of the waist, hips, thighs and arms.

To help save space the team at GX devised the enclosure top cover using injection moulding, and allow for a storage location for the pads. Whilst for the pads themselves the team developed “one time use” protective covers. Their solution was to ensure the covers easily clipped on, without damaging the important optical lenses housed inside the pads, but on removal would crack thus ensuring they were single use parts for hygiene purposes. 

The Result

The light pad system designed by GX for My-Lipo is now used extensively through the Innovate Photonics product range. The consumer machine has been well received in Europe and North America and helped many achieve weight loss through a non-invasive and relaxing technique.

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