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An accurate and low cost rapid DNA processing instrument to analyse crime scene samples.

FSS DNA Analyser

The Challenge

The production team at GX were asked to consider ways to refine the design of an existing prototype for a DNA processing instrument capable of analysing DNA on site at the scene of a crime. The client was keen to see if proposed production costs could be lowered to make it a more commercially viable product.

Since a working prototype had already been developed, the product team initially conducted a design for manufacture review, to assess how practical their model would be to commercially manufacture. 

The Solution

The manufacturing review was successfully undertaken but also highlighted that the machine needed a DNA sample collection device. Drawing on the design team’s specialist knowledge of biotechnology, GX product development team designed a disposable Lysis cartridge which was robust, reliable and simple to use by untrained personnel at crime scenes.

The Result

The client built a number of commercially attractive, self-contained and portable units. These ground-breaking machines demonstrated that the delivery of early DNA intelligence, in just 2 hours to law enforcement and security agencies, was achievable.

Drawing on GX’s specialist knowledge of biotechnology, the lysis cartridges that the GX team developed meant that even non-scientists had a simple way to process samples. The cartridge was awarded a patent and contained all the necessary reagents for lysis including magnetic beads allowing quick analysis of DNA taken from a sample collected at a crime scene.

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