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A truly dynamic in-vitro system that mimics the process of the human stomach.

PBL Dynamic Gastric Model

The Challenge

Upgrade and improve an existing prototype of the Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM) in order to turn it into a commercially viable product that would be attractive to the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The Solution

We optimised the design by combining multiple systems and introducing new design elements. Specialist materials and finishes were selected to chemically resist the corrosive nature of stomach acid. This proved technically challenging, especially as the design had to be transparent so that food materials could be observed as they were being processed.

Our completely redesigned valve system improves functionality and reliability whilst more closely mimicking the processes of the human stomach.

The Result

The new DGM is a major advance for the medical and life science industry. For the first time ever it allows companies to explore new medicines, drugs and foods with a truly dynamic in-vitro system.  A classic example of how we’ve taken a great idea and turned it into a commercially successful product.

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