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A low energy heated seat cover for easy chairs and sofas.

Homeglow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover

The Challenge

A retired electrical engineer, enlisted the help of the design engineers at GX to turn his idea for a low energy heated seat cover into commercial reality. He wanted to develop an affordable and efficient warmer which could fit onto existing domestic easy chairs or sofas.

The Solution

The key to successfully developing the warmer lay in encapsulating the heating elements in a material that was both durable and waterproof. The design engineers at GX worked in tandem with the electronic engineers, also based within their offices, to source a range of fabrics that complied to this, yet would be appealing to both young and elderly consumers.

To overcome the problem of the warmer moving, but remaining fixed to the chair, the design team also introducted a unique mounting arrangement allowing both easy fitting and removal of the cover. 

The Result

BWarm is a washable, adjustable personal heat source that costs less that 1/2p per hour to use; it is economical, has an automatic safety switch off feature energy and fits most styles of chairs. As this was the first of its kind, GX design team helped to patent the design.   

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