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GX joins the fight to raise awareness about urology health

21 September 2016

In celebration of Urology Awareness week GX has joined the fight to raise awareness about urology health.

Today’s modern healthcare relies enormously on technology to help detect a range of conditions many of which can be spotted simply by analysing a patient’s urine. As a result of many months of design and development at medical product designers, GX, healthcare professionals have access to a quick and convenient way to test for a variety of illnesses using the Bayer Clinitek Status Analyzer.

The original design and concept for this urine analysis machine was developed 20 years ago; after several prototypes, including several test machines being built to thoroughly test it, the machine went into mass production fourteen years ago. Since that time, it has become one of the most successful urine testers. Its success lies in the fact that it provides a quick and convenient way to test for a range of illnesses, providing on screen results in minutes.

“Early detection is key to beating many urologic conditions such as kidney failure and prostate cancer, where a simple test can help save lives,” notes Mark Helmich, managing director of GX. “We are immensely proud that the concept and design of our analyzer has stood the test of time and continues to help save lives each year. When we initially designed it, we took a number of steps to future proof the design.