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Growing home talent Turning brilliant people into commercial successes

26 July 2019

“A successful business is about engaged colleagues,” notes GX non-executive director, Dr Jeremy Stone. “In my role at GX for the past nineteen years I believe I’ve been a support to the business and helped shape the company they are today.

Since I stand away from day to day operations, it provides me with a unique oversight. It was this independence that prompted me, back in 2008, to suggest that we nurtured internal talent and liberated Claire Banks from the general administration duties she was involved with, to lead our business development initiative.”

Jeremy saw in Claire someone who’s passion for GX was endless, this coupled with her unique understanding of the range of product design services GX offered, meant she quickly took to the role of business development manager.

“Claire is one of our hidden strengths,” says Jeremy. “She’s been at GX for 27 years, and in that time accrued a wealth of knowledge. It’s plain to see she remains as passionate now about our company and our services as when I first met her. She knows the business inside out and understands that certain clients, especially entrepreneurs and lone inventors, need hand-holding through the initial design process; whilst the research and development teams of larger firms who frequently turn to GX to enlist their help to value engineer an existing product, require a more direct approach.”

As Jeremy concludes; “The role of a non-executive director is to provide an independent oversight of the company, seeking constructive ways to challenge or change the status quo of a company and open doors. I believe that encouraging Claire to take on the role of business development manager was a winning move for Claire, GX and our clients she’s become a pillar of the organisation.

Success in any business is down to people, at GX it is evident that their talented team work hard to ensure every project becomes a commercial success and I’m immensely proud to be a part.”

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