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How 7 years as a software engineer at GX stack up

06 September 2021

Fresh from finishing a Physics degree, Sam Pearson initially undertook a 10 week graduate work placement scheme in 2014 at GX, through Go Wales. During his placement he worked with the team from GX Environmental on their bespoke software suite - ‘Tidon’. Since Sam showed a natural aptitude for software development and management, he was offered a permanent role with the GX Environmental team.

The bespoke system that Sam supports, Tidon, helps companies worldwide manage disposal of tankered waste through sister company, GX Environmental. The design engineering team at GX developed the logging system, whilst the software engineers in GX Environmental created the software suite that now monitors discharges in real-time.

“I was only meant to complete a 10 week work placement,” confirms Sam. “But halfway through my time, when I was offered a full time role as a software engineer I decided to take the opportunity.

“I’ve really enjoyed the past seven years, it has been really rewarding to see how the upgrades I’ve made have helped to develop the online waste water management system.”

Being part of team

Reflecting on his seven years at GX Sam credits the team spirit and can-do attitude as his reason for staying.

“At GX everyone’s input is valued,” notes Sam. “Whilst most of my time has been spent improving the usability of Tidon, during the first lockdown I got the opportunity to work with our design engineering team. They needed me to develop software for one of our medical products, the COVID-19 Lamp device.

“Software has become so intrinsic to many of the products that GX designs and engineers - it’s an exciting time to work here and I’m looking forward to many more years!”

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