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Taking GX into the next decade

09 October 2019

MD Mark Helmich reveals how GX is embracing flexible working to retain talent.

At GX, we’re embracing a future-proof company culture that works for our people and our clients as the next decade approaches. “GX is about the people and our relationships, both internally and externally,” says Mark Helmich, managing director.

“GX has a non-hierarchical structure and I encourage an open-door policy, so anyone can come to me for advice and support. It means employees can share their knowledge and nurture each other’s skills no matter their position or sector. As a result, we can offer our clients a multidisciplinary range of experience across industries and backgrounds – from graduates fresh from their studies to our long-standing directors with 30 years’ experience behind them.”

“As a small business, staff retention is a vital element of our company’s culture, with many staff members joining as school or university leavers, then progressing into different roles as their career with GX develops.” Mark believes there’s a significant gap between the education system and world of work so is supportive of bridging the gap and investing in young talent in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership. “It makes sense for our business, adding value to our workforce and ensuring we can place people with certain skills in roles that will allow them to create and innovate to their maximum potential.”

Part of this partnership is also recognising the need for a healthy work-life balance that’s tailored to employees’ personal commitments and still promotes productivity for our projects. “We offer flexible working, on a timetable that not only suits the business but individuals too. The office is open from 6.30am until 7.30pm – it’s an important option to be able to offer staff,” Mark explains. This process helps to minimise disruption from issues at home and fosters an environment in which staff feel valued. Elongating the working day also means that there’s someone on board to suit clients with irregular schedules or inventors working on something outside of 9-5. For Mark, this is an essential element of his philosophy – that people are the business. “It’s about listening to what people expect and want from their job, then trying to make certain you do what you can to resolve that. It’s this approach that makes for motivated staff that are committed to their work, resulting in efficiency in the workplace, success in product design and development and, ultimately, satisfied clients.”


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