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GX - Investing in the next generation of life science pioneers

17 October 2016

To encourage more collaboration between academia and industry, Swansea University’s Medical School will be hosting a conference, Collaborate 2016, on Wednesday 19th October, at their Taliesin Arts Centre.  The day will feature key speakers from industry, academia, Government, health boards, plus organisations involved in the life science community.

Amongst the guests attending will be GX’s Mark Helmich and Claire Banks. They are one of a few companies who have been invited to exhibit to delegates during the breakout sessions and during the lunch break.

As Mark Helmich, GX’s managing director notes: “We are really keen to foster greater connections with academic institutions, not only to nurture the next generation of pioneers within life sciences, but to build better working relations. For life science technology in particular there are major benefits in collaborating to remain at the forefront by sharing knowledge.”

Registration to the event is free, to book simply register online.