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Expanding and growing

23 November 2021

The past eleven months have been very busy for GX – not only have they welcomed more engineers to their design team, they are looking to expand their field service support team in the south east.

“After the lull of the pandemic it seems clients have woken up! We’re frequently seeing new ideas and being asked to design new products, as well as requests to review and value engineer existing products,” reflects Mark Helmich.

To cope with the increased demand for their design engineering skills the company has been recruiting and plans to further expand the mechanical and industrial design department.

“We want to keep ahead of demand so are actively looking for skilled engineers with a background in mechanical and industrial design,” confirms Mark.

“We are seeing more demand for larger functional products to be designed, but only a low number to be manufactured. Since we have the capability to design and build them on site, this complete design to production concept is very appealing for client’s looking to produce small numbers.”

GX’s water monitoring business, GX Environmental has also seen increased demand for their services - so they are expanding their field service team in the south of England.

“Companies are now more than ever focused on trying to save water,” says Mark. “Through GX Environmental we can install loggers to monitor for the reception of tankered waste. Over the past 18 months we have upgraded our software, Tidon, to increase monitoring capabilities, which has led to more water companies adding our logging and monitoring products to their sites – so we need more engineers to service them.”

As Mark concludes, “We like many businesses had to adjust over the past 18 months and cope with everything from supply issues to working from home. It has been challenging but thankfully we have navigated through the worst and look forward to a busy new year!”

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