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Helping GX on their path

31 May 2019

Non-executive chairman, John Elsden talks about how he has helped shaped GX into the company that it is today.

With his background in technology and helping small businesses, John was the perfect choice to fill the role of non-executive chairman fourteen years ago.

“I was initially approached by Jeremy Stone, GX’s other non-executive member of the board. We had worked together on another project and in his capacity as the non-executive chairman he felt GX could benefit from my expertise,” recalls John.

John initially started his career in information technology as a developer, before moving into management, then becoming a managing director for a Trafalgar House Group company. For the past 25 years John has helped numerous small to medium sized firms, predominately in the tech sector. Using the knowledge and managerial skills he learnt whilst ascending through the corporate world, John provides a vital management consultant role to the owners and managers. He helps them set a realistic vision and mentors the management team, showing them how to reach their goals.

“Many of the companies that I work with through my own company, Allied Powers, get too embroiled in the day to day of business life. What they frequently need is someone like me to offer a neutral perspective and provide a sounding board. I can often see where efficiencies can be made, so will scope out a plan with them designed to transform their business.

“I first became involved with GX in 2004 and I am extremely proud to have been part of the strategy that saw them take the business in a different direction; following an acquisition we combined three business into GX Group, increasing the services offered.

“Our expansion came from purchasing a company, alongside the development of the environmental, electrical systems and asset monitoring divisions at GX to bolster the business. Our wastewater division, GX Environmental, has now won some amazing contracts with the potential to continue growing.

“Looking back, it is gratifying to see how I have helped GX develop their business, they are so good at what they do and great people to work with; it’s been an honour being involved with their journey,” he concludes.

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