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The key to successful product design

18 March 2019

Turning often complex and intricate design requirements into refined, effective products takes a certain approach, one that we foster at GX.  

Here are the three essential ingredients we use to turn our clients’ ideas into commercial realities:   

Our people

Often, we’re trying to do something that hasn’t been done before, so there’s a lot of research involved. One of the things our team has in common is the desire to learn and challenge the way they think about and approach a problem.  

Whether their interest is electronics, design or software development, our team are all driven by a desire to understand better how and why things work and to challenge what they already know.   

The right skills

It’s important to have the right skills in-house. For us that means an experienced and highly qualified team with individual depth of knowledge across a range of related disciplines, from electronics and mechanical engineering, to software design, user interface design and value engineering.

This gives us the ability to offer a multi-disciplinary approach which helps us deliver sophisticated, effective products.  

By far the most important skill our team members have in common is the ability to problem solve. Having the ability to change perspective, apply new learning in different ways and test how effective an idea is helps drive our business forward.   

The right environment

The right people and the right skills only get you so far, that’s why the environment at GX is designed to give our team the best chance to work at their peak.

Everyone is treated as equal when it comes to developing ideas, so there are no structures to get in the way of the creative process.

This makes it easier for people to ask for and offer help, combining different skill sets, approaches and levels of experience to find new ways to solve a problem or refine an idea.

Our office is an open plan workshop with the space to spread out and easily get input from other members of the team. And if anyone needs some peace to tackle a thorny issue it’s easy to get away and think in the rural idyll around Usk, where we are based. 

We’re proud to have built a team who share a love for learning and problem solving that’s satisfied by working with skilled, like-minded people in a collaborative, supportive environment. Which is exactly what our clients need to turn their brilliant ideas into a commercial reality.

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