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GX looks to provide a solution to the plastic coffee cup waste

10 January 2018

War has been declared on the plastic coffee cup! As our high streets fill up with yet more coffee shops, time has been called on their use of non-recyclable paper and plastic cups.

In a bid to help reduce the wastage, the government’s Environmental Audit Committee has recommended that a 25p levy is added to the cost of all disposable cups. It is anticipated that following her cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister, Theresa May will adopt these recommendations.

Design engineering company, GX believes that the solution lies not in the introduction of the ‘latte levy’, but to consider using alternative methods to produce cups which can be easily be recycled. Managing director of GX, Mark Helmich revealed that their design team has been working with Meson Cups to produce unique fully-recyclable double-walled plastic cups.

“Our design allows a plastic cup to contain both hot and cold liquids,” says Mark. “Unlike a traditional plastic cup, we have engineered a double wall which provides insulation to ensure the holder’s hand stays warm and dry, whilst the contents remain cold or hot.

“The cups are currently being trialled by several international fast food restaurants,” continues Mark. “Unlike the current coffee cups which are made from paper with an internal layer of plastic added which hinders the recycling process, our plastic cups are widely recycled with household plastic.”

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