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Developing the GX design team

21 February 2022

GX is keen to develop as a business and believes bringing in fresh new talent is key to creating a diverse, forward thinking team. Their most recent appointment is Ruairidh Keeley, who has joined the team to work as a design engineer.

Ruairidh studied design engineering at Loughborough University, graduating with a first class honours degree. He enjoys all aspects of the design process from the initial research phase, to developing 3D renders and imaging on a computer through to the production of a physical prototype. He also has a particular interest in working on design for medical projects, an area that GX specialises in.

“My final project at University involved developing a syringe-driver for end-of-life care,” explains Ruairidh. “The aim was to create a product that could be used in different environments; hospitals, hospices and even at home. The syringe-driver would be used to deliver a small, steady flow of morphine over a typical 24-hour period to help keep a person comfortable. I did a lot of research into what people wanted and how they would use the syringe before working on the design and this definitely contributed to the success of the final product I developed.”

Ruairidh enjoys exploring the ethics of design engineering as well as the more practical aspects of costing and sourcing parts required to complete a project and meet required budget constraints. He is currently helping GX develop a range of products related to measuring environmental pollution, looking in particular at options for reducing production costs.

Having completed work experience and his final year at university during COVID, Ruaridh has plenty of experience of hybrid working. He has been working remotely with members of the GX team from Scotland over the past few months before moving down to the South West. He says, “Everyone at GX is really welcoming and helpful. The team I work with is small enough to be able to get to know people and feel involved, but not too small. It's a nice mix of people and we are working on an interesting range of different projects. Now, I am looking forward to moving closer to the GX headquarters and being able to collaborate more fully in person with the team.”  



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