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GX welcomes expansion of ultrasound company, Medaphor

04 August 2016

Modern medicine has come to rely heavily on ultrasound scans to provide vital information on a patient’s wellbeing whether it be for an external or internal scan. The news today that one of Wales’s leading providers of advance ultrasound skills training simulators, Medaphor has acquired another company, Heartworks, is welcomed by GX.

GX’s medical product design engineers worked with the designers from Medaphor to help value engineer their ScanTrainer, an advanced ultrasound training simulator. The innovative teaching aid has been sold globally, won the company several awards and is now recognised as a world leader in self-learning for sonographers and obstetricians.

Commenting on the acquisition, GX’s managing director, Mark Helmich said, “We are really excited that the Medaphor Group has grown; combining the two companies provides a fantastic opportunity to offer full torso ultrasound scanning. We wish them all the success in the future.”