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Engineering success – looking at the positive outcomes from the pandemic

10 May 2021

As we begin to approach the end of lockdown restrictions, business here at GX continues to rise, despite a challenging year for most companies. At the moment, we are very busy across all departments, particularly in electronics.

As managing director, Mark Helmich notes GX is showing positive signs of growth  “Our product design engineering business has seen enquiries increase by 50% from 2019. It’s been great to see past quotes now becoming fully scalable projects, with more likely to commence in the near future .”

One of the latest projects keeping their experts in electronics, optronics and software engineering is designing and educational kits in conjunction with the Catapult Centre, a Welsh Government funded agency. One is a wildlife kit to digitally monitor various types of wildlife, whilst another helps students detect the level of oxygen that is in the bloodstream using a pulse oximeter.

“We love working on such diverse design engineering projects,” comments Mark. “It is really gratifying to see our product designs manufactured and making a difference. During the pandemic our entire engineering team completed more online analytical toxicity units for Modern Water destined for the Far East to help detect water contamination. Whilst the Covid-19 Lamp Device we helped develop has passed all the regulatory tests, so is now awaiting manufacture.”

GX’s sister company, GX Environmental has also remained busy over the past twelve months. They have continued to work with several UK based water utility companies, helping them to monitor various processes and logistics. Through increased software support water companies can now monitor in real time and be alerted to problems as they occur, enabling them to resolve issues much more quickly and thereby save valuable resources.

Mark is feeling much more optimistic for the future and believes that GX has not suffered as a consequence, adapting well to the work restrictions enforced by the Covid-19. “The pandemic has provided people and businesses alike with the opportunity to reflect – many who have previously pondered an idea for a product or invention have used this time to refine their thoughts, realising its potential. We have also seen companies seek our help to explore new ways to value engineer existing products.

“We’re excited to be able to welcome staff back to the office – but I see us implementing a combination of office and home working once everything resumes rather than a full return to office based work. The work/life balance benefits of eliminating everyday commuting would be a welcome benefit to all staff”

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