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Using Wi-Fi to accurately track location within a specific area


The Challenge

Start-up company, ZoneArt, had devised a reliable method using Wi-Fi for location tracking, Follow Spot. The idea was based around being able to accurately pinpoint, within a metre, where a mobile phone was located in a specified area.

Having developed the technology, ZoneArt turned to electronic and software specialists, GX for their help and expertise to integrate high speed electronics within a Wi-Fi hub, to build a working prototype.

The Solution

Drawing on previous experience, the electronic and software engineers at GX, worked in tandem with ZoneArt to develop a functional prototype. GX suggested using an Altera Field Programmable Gate Array, since it allowed them to control more elements than traditional software could, at a much greater speed. Because of the rate of signal transfer GX recognised that it would have been impossible to do this using the software and microprocessor within the hub.

With the electronic and software components agreed, the design engineers at GX were invited to work on the look of the prototype. They designed a sleek, wall mounted surround to house the Follow Spot hub.

The Result

GX’s experience, coupled with their knowledge of hardware and software, led the design engineering team at GX to help ZoneArt, The result was a working prototype showcasing how to use a Wi-Fi network to locate a mobile phone within a given space.

Following Zoneart’s demonstration of this prototype model it is evident that there are an array of applications for Follow Spot. As well as allowing retailers to understand their customer journeys in more depth, this clever device is essential to provide a secure Wifi connection within a restricted area.

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