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A battery powered intruder detection unit using wireless technology.

Quatro SmartAlarm Silver

The Challenge

Quatro Electronics approached GX with a challenge to design a stand-alone battery powered intruder detection unit; they wanted the unit to be mounted either on a wall or the floor, plus be capable of withstanding damage. The SmartAlarm Silver also needed to access wireless technology to provide a variety of instant intruder detection warnings and alerts.

The Solution

The product development team at GX met the challenge of making the unit vandal resistance by designing it with a tough design using impact resistant polycarbonate and sacrificial parts that break away while the main unit retains its integrity. With no additional tooling required, the unit can house a range of sensors and cameras. 

The Result

The Quatro SmartAlarm Silver can be used in conjunction with Quatro’s range of pressure mats, door switches, remote keypads and other sensors, to provide one of the most advanced security solutions on the market today.

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