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A robust high volume colour ID card printer.

IDVille ID Maker

The Challenge

To design a robust and secure ID card colour printer for the American market which could process high volumes of cards.

The Solution

GX had previously worked with Ultra Electronics to pioneer the use of a plastic chassis in ID card printers, the design engineering team at GX were therefore the perfect partners to turn to when an American company approached Ultra Electronics to design them a bespoke ID card colour printer. 

Using the original manufacturing design as the basis for the ID Maker, the product development team at GX looked at ways of ensuring this particular model could produce large numbers of single sided ID cards. Robustness was a key requirement to cope with high throughput and this was achieved by incorporating innovative industrial design features.

The final detailed engineering development was completed by the design team at GX in the UK ensuring that it would be cost effective to manufacture. The original styling and product features requested by the designer were faithfully retained by GX during this technically challenging exercise.

The Result

The ID Maker offers the American market a superb print quality printer that can produce high volumes of secure ID cards on demand. It has been available in the U.S. for a number of years, establishing itself as one of the best-selling printers marketed by IDville.

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