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A sophisticated automated foil cutting mechanism using with low-cost electronics.

Procare 24*7

The Challenge

Protect Procare’s leading position in the supply of foil to hair salons by developing a more efficient way to automatically dispense various lengths of foil for use by hairdressers. The design of the machine needed to be economically viable, which meant manufacturing costs needed to be reviewed to ensure a competitive retail price.

The Solution

Drawing on GX's design team's experience in another sector, a review of the chassis of the machine was conducted. Following this value engineering exercise, they introduced a lower cost plastic along with laser cut metal parts, which helped reduce manufacturing costs.

To ensure that the 24*7 could automatically dispense foil in predetermined varying lengths and folds, the electronic engineers suggested introducing  innovative RFID technology. Totally programmable, it allowed the dispensing parameters to be automatically adjusted to match the characteristics of the foil. 

A sophisticated mechanism which combined low-cost electronics to power the machine was designed and protected with patents. Since the machine was to be used within hair salons, GX created a vibrant aesthetic with multiple colours for consumer choice.

The Result

In under 9 months, the design team at GX designed the 24*7. It was commercially successful, reinforcing Procare’s leading position within the salon foil market place, with this unique and appealing brand. To help protect the machine, multiple patents were won for the innovative breakthroughs.

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