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A fully-recyclable plastic coffee cup capable of holding hot or cold liquids.

Meson Double Walled Plastic Cups

The Challenge

To produce unique fully-recyclable double-walled plastic cup that would be able to hold both hot and cold liquids.

Normally plastic heats up when filled with a warm liquid making it harder to hold, the challenge here was to capitalise on the trend for take away coffees by designing a cup made from a single material which would therefore be fully recyclable. Currently most cups are made of paper with a plastic lining, making recycling very difficult and not always cost effective.

The Solution

The starting point for GX’s design was to find a way to ensure the holder’s hand stayed either warm and dry, despite whether the contents were cold or hot. The design engineering team initially experimented with a double wall. This engineering feature allowed the contents to remain hot, or cold, with no transfer of heat to the user’s hand.

Having established this double-walled structure, the team researched using different types of plastic for the cup. Their main consideration was to use a material that was universally recyclable. They chose the latest Polypropylene resin technology which also ensured the cups had a high clarity.

The Result

Numerous tests showed that cold liquids did not form condensation on the exterior, nor did it make the hands cold. Whilst for hot liquids, the drink stayed warm and did not transfer any excess heat to the holder. The cups are currently being trialled by several international fast food restaurants.

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