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A complete baby feeding range designed for Miriam Stoppard.

Always Learning Baby Feeding Range

The Challenge

Many of the baby feeding cups available on the market at that time, used hard plastic mouthpieces, that either dribbled or gushed when tipped up. The design team at GX worked with an agency who were developing a complete baby feeding range for Miriam Stoppard who wanted to develop a cup which would not leak when left on its side, and incorporated a soft mouthpiece.


The Solution

The design team at GX developed an entire family of soft touch, fun baby feeding products, with a common visual identity, using a softer more durable plastic. To  reduce environmental impact, the range of products was sourced and manufactured within the UK, thereby ensuring a lower carbon footprint than any of its imported competitors.


The Result

This new range of innovative plastic baby feeding products was very successful, the mugs alone sold over 25 million pieces to date. 

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