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Air powers a keyboard and mouse without any form of electricity.

Air Mouse & Keyboard

The Challenge

To develop a keyboard and mouse that was powered without using any form of electricity and that could interact with a computer for use by someone suffering electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The Solution

People suffering from a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity cannot tolerate being near anything that generates an electrical or magnetic field. For sufferers even using a conventional wireless keyboard or mouse is not a solution since these emit EMF’s by using WiFi. When the GX Group was asked to develop an electricity free keyboard and mouse their research and development lead them in a unique way; they concluded that the only source left to power them was air. By harnessing the power of air the product development team at GX Design Engineers managed to capture minute air pressure differences produced by movement of the mouse and depression of the keys.

The design relied upon the use of a matrix of tubes etched in to silicone mats that were bonded together, then on the top there were keys with bellows underneath. When the user pressed the key a pulse of air travelled through the matrix which had predetermined channels to detect the key requested. The keyboard was attached to an electronic box over 5 metres away which was capable of sensing the microscopic pulses of air and could translate these to a standard computer. 

The Result

The efficiency of the system was outstanding; both the keyboard and mouse responded well to a slight tilt or push of a key to allow the user to interface with their computer housed safely in another room. The groundbreaking technology also led to new manufacturing techniques and several patents.

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