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How a printed circuit board revolutionised the world’s first modular dolly system.

Making Motion Possible

The Challenge

In 2016, Motion Impossible had mechanically engineered a groundbreaking camera dolly system but lacked the electronic knowhow to control it for smooth, accurate movement for cinematic and sports filming. Recognising the limits of their expertise, they approached GX to devise a custom spec motor controller and a more professional user interface. 

The Solution

Following comprehensive market research, GX identified a powerful off-the-shelf motor controller that would be robust in variable circumstances and able to produce smooth movement without interference across the radio link. Once this initial challenge had been addressed, the focus of the project then shifted. GX’s electrical engineers developed a bespoke printed circuit board (PCB) for both the chassis and hand controller of the latest Motion Impossible product: Agito.  

The Result

Agito’s new custom PCB and the “electronic brain” software that GX created resulted in a control system that was completely tailored to specialist filming requirements. This, combined with the value engineering processes GX implemented, launched a commercially viable dolly system. In the 18 months following the kit’s release, Motion Impossible’s product sales revenue increased threefold. 


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