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Our AQ400 is a versatile a web based tracking solution.

Asset Tracking: AQ400

The Challenge

To provide real time information about the location of vehicles, assets or workforce to improve organisational efficiency and assist management of workloads.

The Solution

GX Systems, part of GX, developed the AQ400 as a web based tracking solution to help companies tag and track a variety of assets to help them manage their business with the minimal amount of manual data entry. Utilising GX Systems bespoke software, the AQ400 interfaces with small tracking devices which show the location of anything from hospital vehicles to medical equipment and even staff.

The Result

Using tracking devices that incorporate RFID tags and in conjunction with GX Systems’ own AQz device, a complete automated suite provides real time data on the item being tracked. Handheld readers are used to interface with web based technology in order to supply accurate information on location. 

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