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A complete tracking solution for rental cars reporting vehicle usage and their location.

Advanced Car Rental

The Challenge

Develop a vehicle tracking and integrated management solution for Advanced Car Rental to control a fleet of rental vehicles to monitor and analyse vehicle usage and performance data, enabling significant operational benefits in the areas of compliance, safety and security.

The Solution

GX developed a tracking solution comprising of ‘black box’ GPS units located within vehicles which transmit tracking and telemetry data and in cab responses via GPRS to a centralised SQL Server Database. Data stored within the database is reviewed and interrogated via an IIS hosted ASP/ASP.NET(2.0) web application, enabling users to review selected subsets of data through web pages and SQL Server Reports. An integrated management solution allows users to locate vehicles and provides analysis tools to review vehicle performance against a wide range of criteria such as its relation to geo fences, harsh breaking and acceleration and speeding.

The Result

The complete tracking system utilises existing infrastructure to reliably track a large fleet of vehicles and provide quick and easy access to real time and long-standing vehicle usage and performance data. Many of the technologies used are relatively young which means this is an ever evolving system that continues to offer new benefits and functionality to suit Advanced Car Rental’s current and upcoming requirements.

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